Happiness isn’t a Place

There are probably towns that are called Happy or Happiness but the people living there are just as likely as the rest of the population of the world to be happy.  We have the pursuit of happiness (notice it is not the achievement) in the Constitution, we have dozens and dozens of books on the topic.  You would think that we would be very happy by now.


“…Happiness is neither a mood nor an emotion.  Mood is a biochemical condition, and emotions are just transitory feelings.  Happiness is a way of life – an overriding outlook composed of qualities such as optimism, courage, love, and fulfillment.  It’s not just tiptoeing through the tulips of la-la land, and it’s not something that changes every time your situation changes.  It is nothing less than cherishing every day.”

Dan Baker, PhD. & Cameron Stauth, What Happy People Know


A lot of the quotes that I have collected, books and articles that I have read have been about mood and attitude.  I make a conscious decision about my mood.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t be overcome by negative thoughts and feelings, I certainly can.  But since I have made a habit of awareness, I can work to derail this negativity before it takes hold – of course external triggers like sunshine help.


12 Qualities of Happiness:

  1. Love – wellspring of happiness, renewable and everlasting
  2. Optimism – power over painful events.  Optimism is realizing that the more painful the event, the more profound the lesson.  Optimism gives you power over fear of the future and over regret for the past.
  3. Courage – you can’t rise above fear without courage, because fear is hardwired into your neural circuitry.  It’s the quality that allows us to thrive.
  4. A sense of freedom – freedom is choice, and choice is what makes us human.  Choice is available to anyone who has the courage to exercise it.
  5. Proactivity – happy people participate in their own destinies and forge their own happiness.
  6. Security – happy people know that nothing, over time, lasts…So they don’t measure security with a calendar or calculator.
  7. Health – happiness and health are interdependent.  Of special importance for happiness is healthy mood chemistry.
  8. Spirituality – happy people aren’t afraid to go beyond the boundaries of their own lives.
  9. Altruism – It connects you to others, gives you a purpose, and gets you outside yourself.
  10. Perspective – happy people know how to prioritize their problems and turn them into possibilities.
  11. Humor – humor is a shift of perspective that gives people the guts to go on when life looks its worst.
  12. Purpose – happy people are doing the things they were meant to do.

From What Happy People Know


I hope that you get the opportunity to have happy moments over this holiday week.


© 2012 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations



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