Personal Mission Statement

Around the New Year it is easier to envision your better self.


Are you trying to achieve something and having difficulty?  How clearly have you thought through this goal?  When I was promoted to department manager, one of the first acts that I assigned to myself was to write a department mission statement.  It helped me to define my intent.  Perhaps something similar could help you in your search for your best self – your success.


Mission statements were originally meant to clarify objectives for employees, customers and others who interacted with a business.  Since they should be short and have a fairly narrow focus to be effective, you can do this regardless of your writing skills.  Just start by listing words that relate to your goal and mean something to you.  You aren’t going to share this statement with anyone unless you want to, but your ability to achieve your goal will change if you commit to this effort.


Here’s a mission statement to motivate myself to learn something that will be useful but doesn’t really interest me:


I will develop my whole self.  I will seek balance in knowledge.  To honor the power of curiosity, I must understand the entire context.  Learning new things has great power – I will delve deeper into something to determine fact over opinion.  Logic should be applied to create a compelling argument, understanding all sides.


It is easy to live up to this when it comes to topics that interest me.  The part of me that doesn’t like math scoffs at this statement when I try to convince myself math is an important skill.


I used words that have power for me and have set a goal that is just outside of my normal expectations for myself.  The point is to be true to yourself, and also to give yourself a little push.


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