Good Morning

How do you greet the day?  How do you greet the people that you meet as you meet the day?  I don’t mean in your car – driving behavior is probably the subject of another blog so let that writer know about what and which fingers you use to wave at the other cars.  (But do be careful with that, I still recall a morning a few years ago when I was railing at a very slow driver that I realized once I was abreast was an older coworker – oops – luckily he was oblivious.)


Anyway, we’re addressing your public morning façade.  I am not a morning person and I don’t drink coffee to artificially rev myself up.  However, the minute my car hits that parking lot, I start to pump myself up into a cheerful sort.  I owe it to myself to take every action that I can to get my day started on the right note.  And my coworkers benefit as well.


Not that they always appreciate my effort.  I used to share an office with a lovely woman.  Each morning when I would breeze in with a smile and a ‘Good morning’ her response would inevitably be ‘What’s good about it?’.  My response was that there was always the possibility.


My reasoning is that since I would much rather encounter cheerfulness in others, I can start it off.  My boys have been recipients of this attitude as well – I have always sent them off saying ‘Make it a good day’ and not the standard ‘Have a good day’.  This way they are making a choice even if the events of the day don’t want to cooperate.


Let’s say you are meeting with someone early in the day and you are in a bad mood and they are neutral.  Most likely your mood will affect the tone of the meeting and probably transfer to this other person as well and so on until half the office is infected.  If you turn that equation around and you are pleasant and the other person is neutral then the meeting is probably more effective and you both can build on the positive vibe and share it with others in the office.  Try it out in the coming weeks and see how it goes.  But remember the post about practice if it doesn’t go well the first time.


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  1. Great Post! Be the change you wish to see in the world!

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