‘Go-To’ Person

go to personIn business, being the go-to person is similar to the good driver in the larger population – everyone seems to be It while the rest just don’t quite stack up.


What does it really mean?  If you really want to be seen as a go-to person, you have to spend time and effort defining the meaning specifically.  A person who can’t easily articulate what it means to be a go-to person in their business, department or whatever situation will have trouble truly being one for others in their realm of influence.


Start with what you know – do you want to be a go-to person for a specific skill, say writing?  Or do you know a lot about a variety of things?  This is your skill set, your strength that you can share.  Again, you have to be able to clearly convey your skills to others to be a go-to person.  If you can’t sketch out a simple outline for others about this skill, then while you will benefit from the use of the skill you are not the go-to person for the skill.  What benefit will others get from understanding and growing this skill?  Why are you the best person for them to go-to to learn this skill?


Now you have to think carefully about how this skill fits within your organization?  What are the organizational or departmental goals?  If you don’t have clarity on this point, ask.  Explain that you are making a concerted effort to both increase your own skill and to strengthen the department or organization by sharing your skills.  You want to make certain that your skill will continue to have value as the organization moves forward, or that you can adjust your skill in advance of any changes if necessary.


This effort to define your go-to status will pay off in many ways for you.  You have honed your critical thinking skills, reinforced your own value within the organization and strengthened your department.



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January 15, 2013 · 9:25 am

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