Thought Blizzard

In my part of the country there is much talk about our lack of snow.  Each new day breaks the record that the previous day broke, and so on.  Well, if my thoughts were only snowflakes, the children of the region would be building snow monuments to me (and cursing me in the summer when they are still doing make up days for the snow days).


Anyway, I have been subject to frustration for the past couple of days due to a mental tangle.  Try as I might to follow one thread to release the snarl, I have been thwarted similar to a mom trying to get gum out of a child’s hair without creating a bald spot. Each potential means to unlock the mess must be rejected after time spent carefully following the lead.


I woke up yesterday with two great thoughts – one for a new page and one for a post.  By the time that I had completed the ablutions that I must before sitting to write, the page idea was sitting alone in my head, the blog post dissipated – perhaps lost in the cat food container, or poured out with my orange juice – but gone from my head, leaving only the reminder that it was an excellent idea.  Drat.


I’ve been through this before, I told myself.  I will survive; perhaps revive this idea at a later point if I just leave it alone.  I got ready for a workshop on career planning and at the workshop, other ideas for posts popped and snapped as the presenter engaged each of us and drew us into his story. I was glad at this point that I didn’t sit at home pouting about my lost great idea.


Instead as the day progressed, the lost idea became a storm cloud, gathering in the other ideas, passing unrelated thoughts and miscellaneous brain flotsam to break out into a full-fledged mental white out of a snow storm.


By late afternoon, my White Rabbit self was in a tizzy – we’re late with plans, things are backing up!  Must resolve now, must resolve NOW!  (My logical self trying to remind me not to heed the rabbit, he never does any good.)


I admit to giving in to the frustration.  Maybe giving it its due, like an offering, would clear the storm.  But I had nothing in waking this morning.  And then I remembered that sometimes the best thing for a frenzied mind is nothing.  The simplicity of repetitive tasks.  So I picked up a broom, and I did the dishes and some minor clerical tasks – and was rewarded with this post on my thought blizzard.


The great idea is still lost to me, for now.  Perhaps it will again come sneaking up to visit as I sleep one night.


© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations


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January 21, 2013 · 9:21 am

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