I Will Not Commit Karoshi Due to Someone Else’s Ignotism

I have already established that I love words.  A few years ago I got a desk calendar from my brother and sister-in-law of obscure or ancient words.  I kept the most interesting and/or relevant for future use and occasionally strung one or more together to create my own vocabulary sentences.

The title of today’s post was one of my sentences and became a sort of code for myself and a coworker.

Karoshi is a Japanese word that means death from overwork.

Ignotism is a word meaning mistake due to ignorance.

We could say this to one another at key moments when necessary to get ourselves through a bad day and off any figurative ledges.  (We worked in a one story building at the time, but still…)


We are both still ticking along, so I highly recommend developing a phrase for yourself that reroutes your thinking when work seems dire, especially if it is due to some ignorance on the part of another.  Or in some way, shape or form outside of your control.  You can borrow mine until yours coalesces, if you like.

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