Knowledge is Power

What you know and how you are able to use it is very important.  There are good ways to use knowledge and bad, but this post isn’t really about ethics, rather more straightforward and personal.  When you gain information that is useful, you usually have two main options, to squirrel it away for your own use or to share it.


I’m a proponent that sharing the knowledge actually increases your strength within a situation or an organization.  Sharing the knowledge creates shared purpose, allows for greater pooling of skills among a group to build up the knowledge into something even more powerful.

Let’s say that I have an idea by connecting two or three points that I’ve learned in different circumstances.  To successfully implement my idea it takes three major skills, but I only have one of the three.  If I don’t identify a person or a couple of people that possess the needed skills, I retain the knowledge within my idea, but I’m not doing myself any favors because I can’t effectively act on it.

I know plenty of people who would take the opposing side of this argument.  I’m sure that they could produce compelling arguments, and in specific circumstances I would agree.  But overall, you will be considered more valuable within your organization if you share your knowledge within a team.

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