Assistance & Learning Can Come from Interesting Places

We are all subject to information overload in this day of tablets, smart phones, social media, and constant connectivity.  Like the Grinch we can all frown at the infernal din, the NOISE, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE.  But somewhere in the midst of relationship updates our workload, family life, and Farmville, we can miss little nuggets of actual useful information, especially if the source or the title appeal to a niche we don’t care for, or feel doesn’t apply to us.


I like how this one gets clearly to the point that everyone wants, indeed deserves, to be understood.  It might be written as direction for medical personnel, but if you interact with customers or clients (or whatever your organization might name the audience for your product or service) please read through:


I wrote my own perspective on this one, from a rather different angle (see ‘Go To’ Person) but read through what Greg McKeown writes and let it roll around in your head.  His message is a bit denser than mine, and might need to grow on you:


Tension is a push me-pull you proposition.  A little bit can goad us to work harder, do just a bit more, stretch just that tiny bit.  But too much can be deadly.  The level of too little, just right, and too much is very subjective.  Humor is a wonderful adjuster of tension, but can also be a tool to learn.  An effective satirist must understand the reality of his or her topic before being able to take a skewed perspective, or the reader will respond poorly.  Dave Barry is a good example of humor with a purpose. (You’ve heard that he is a Pulitzer Prize winner, yes?)

If you are open to new information, you can find interesting ideas, thoughts and information to repurpose almost anywhere.

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