Concrete Answers in a Subjective World

Concrete-BlocksWe like to be told explicitly what is expected of us, it makes it so much easier to exceed expectations.  But we like to have choices; ability to exercise free will is a keen wish.  It is like we are all saying, ‘I am responsible for my choices, but x’s expectations weren’t concrete enough therefore I am not responsible for my inability to achieve my goal.’


“People always wait too long for other people to change their situation.”

~Kenwyn Smith, professor at Wharton


I am known as a forthright, determined person, but in an unfamiliar situation I will hold back a bit until I can get a feeling for what is going on.  I try to find that balance between learning and leading.  I want to learn what you have to show me.  But ultimately, I will take it upon myself to fill in any blanks that I see to be able to apply the knowledge to my situation.


At the same time, sometimes it is necessary to take action before one has enough information.  Create a plan, and define expectations, based on what is known.  So many accomplishments over the course of our history would never have been if the people involved said no, we don’t understand enough yet.  I love that part in the movie Apollo 13 when the engineers have to make a new filter for the craft based on the odds and ends that the astronauts would have access to.


We don’t have such dire consequences to consider within our normal realm so we can make that attempt.  Regardless of the outcome, we will learn something useful, I promise.


© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations


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February 13, 2013 · 8:55 am

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