Answers to Interview Questions, Part III

I have had so many ideas lately; I almost forgot to finish up this series.  Here is the first part.  Here is the second part.


Q:  Give me an example of a time when you had to be relatively quick at coming to a decision.

A: The choice between two job offers on the same day. That was five years ago for my current employer.

A:  Healthcare emergency type decisions – yuck!

A:  I’ve often had to decide who to tell, when to tell it and how much to tell to make sure that needs are met for customers.

A:  Go to the drive thru or counter when clients arrive at both at the same time

A:  Balancing the inventory – if there is a shortage for an important customer, decide how to cover the order

A:  In traffic – following a car going the same speed as you and then they move out from in front of you and you see brake lights in front of you

A:  An employee doesn’t show up for a scheduled shift


Q:  What is the biggest misperception people typically have about you?

A:  That I may be upset about something when in reality I am just very passionate and trust my gut instinct therefore allowing me to make quick decisions.

A:  Probably that I’m mean, because I can be too frank and that can come across as uncaring.

A:  That because I have a large vocabulary, I think that I’m better than others in the group

A:  That I’m full of myself

A:  That I’m unapproachable

A:  People hear my deep voice and think that I am not that intelligent

A:  I don’t always participate, but that doesn’t mean that I am not paying attention


Q:  Describe your ideal of success.

A:  My ideal of success is if I am trusted and the people trusting me are happy with my performance.

A:  Success to me: In lifting others, I will ultimately be lifted too. I want to be happy and know that I’ve done my best no matter the decision that has to be made or task at hand.

A:  To be true to myself, to be able to act when and how I think is important, to share what I know and make something better as part of a team.

A:  I feel that I am successful now because my whole family is in good health, we all have jobs, we have savings and we have a good life balance.

A:  I consider myself nearing success because I am self-supporting and I graduated from college after 11 years of taking one class at a time.

A:  I want to get to the point where I am able to self-support and be able to grow

A:  Having a balance in your life that creates contentment


Q:  What motivates you?

A:  The finish line. Whether it is finishing a list, or Christmas shopping but the time when I am finished with a task and move to the next. Progress!!!!

A:  Helping Others – My business tag line is “Helping From The Heart” and I believe that to my very core. I am not only paid in commission, but by knowing that I’ve helped someone to cover one of their most basic needs. I try to keep their stress levels low and get them into a place that they can really call home. This does not only apply to business, but in all facets of my life. Trying to pair people together or ideas or products that I know that will help others.

A:  Finding and implementing solutions, sharing knowledge to make something even better.

A:  Maintaining my standards

A:  Fear – of losing things like job or health

A:  Hope

A:  Expectations of myself and from others


I hope that these answers help you to define your own.  Thanks again to my willing interviewees.


© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations


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