What’s Your Agenda?

agendaYes, you do have one – whether it is a well thought out 5 year plan or near utter abdication from making any active plans or most likely something in the middle of these extremes.  Whenever you do anything, you have a reason, one that hopefully you have put some thought into.  Stringing the reasons for each of your actions together becomes your agenda even if you intended each to be a separate and distinct action.


There is usually a theme or two behind your actions such as interest in making a lot of money, consistently shirking responsibility, eagerness to learn, fear of being singled out, and so on.  Even if you haven’t put much thought into tracking your agenda, the people around you probably have done so.


I’ve been known to say that the agenda goes to the bold.  By that I mean that if a situation doesn’t appear to be led by anyone it becomes an opportunity for you to show your capabilities.  Especially if part of your agenda includes being seen as a leader.  Leaders step in to resolve when something seems to be floundering or worse when there is some type of a vacuum.  Conversely, if you don’t define the theme of your actions, then whoever of those around you is bold enough may take the opportunity to name your theme, thus branding you within the organization.


So unless part of your agenda is to allow yourself to be co-opted into someone else’s agenda, by all means get busy figuring out your own agenda.  Your agenda must be realistic and suited to your temperament, skills and set you in the direction that you want to go.


Here are some ideas from Chris Kyle to get you started, How to Craft a Successful Career Plan.


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February 19, 2013 · 8:59 am

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