When ‘Why’ is Not the Right Question

whyI have already written a couple of times about the importance of knowing why you are doing something because it will allow you to be more successful.  However, there is a downside to asking why as well which can get you mired in place and unable to move forward.

Why becomes a trap question when you turn it on your own situation – ‘Why did this happen to me?’.  You abdicate the ability to redesign your situation, extricate yourself, move on because you are making someone else responsible.  (Maybe someone else is, but that is beside this point.)

The question to ask when you are in a place that you don’t like is ‘How’.  How do I redesign, extricate, move on from here to a place/situation that suits me better?  Now it doesn’t matter if someone else is responsible for getting you in this spot because you are going to get you out.  You don’t need to do much to get started, just open your mind to the potential that is out there.

Once you are free of the passive ‘why’, you could ask yourself what you want to do instead, what would it take to make some small changes that could make the world of difference to your sense of fulfillment.  This would move you from the passenger seat of your own life into the driver seat.  You hold the control over your own choices.

How exciting, think of the possibilities.

© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations

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