Coming to Your Own Conclusions

Everyone has an opinion on what you should do for this or that issue in your life.  You should do ‘x’ because my cousin’s boyfriend’s sister had the same problem and this is how it went wrong for her.  You should do ‘y’ because I read this article in a magazine that said it’s best to do it that way.

You do your own research and find a variety of potential solutions presented by all types of experts.  Some of these solutions even contradict each other.  They use these very definitive words – never do this, always do that.  All this emphatic information leaves you feeling queasy and less certain than you were to start with for crying out loud.

How can they all seem so assured when their solutions are so different?


They are assured because they found a means to come to their own conclusion about the issue at hand.  Your job is to examine the criteria that they applied to their conclusion to determine if it applies to your situation or if you should set aside their recommendation because it is not helpful for you at this time.

Hopefully they have provided some background and key points to prove the validity of their conclusion that you can use in your review.  If their reasoning begins and ends on some form of ‘because I said so’, then they have not provided a compelling argument for you to emulate their actions.  (In my opinion)

Now you have narrowed down your expert examples, you can take a closer look at the criteria listed in the remainder and start to build your own conclusion based on these specifics that make sense in your individual issue.  Not necessarily taking on as your own their conclusion, but using it to help you to make sense of your situation and the best solution that you can apply based on your overall intent or goal.

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