Surreptitiously Checking Me Out

Do you have a LinkedIn profile for your professional social media interactions?  Many of us do, and a few dozen more will be signing up while you read this post.  It is the place to see and be seen in professional circles these days.  Look, did you see who has Stars Upon Thars? (Dr. Seuss will always be relevant!)


It has become yet another place where we can see our ranking on the normal continuum, just like the tests that you can find in magazines – Compare the Amount of Sleep that You Get to Our Sampling, as an example.  This is your place to market yourself, show your skills and achievements.  It is the professional Facebook, only with our whole profile on view to all.  So there is that little feature that tells us how many people have viewed us and gives us a peek at who they are.  (And more than a peek, if you pay.)


On the flip side, if you want to be nosy and don’t want anyone to know that you are feeling nosy, you can change your settings to read that Someone at XYZ Company viewed your profile, or even more anonymous, A LinkedIn Member.  Hmmm.  What motivates a person to check out someone else’s profile?  An interest in connecting, research, some commonality like an alma mater, curiosity, jealousy, job search?


LinkedIn is a great tool, it has a wealth of information and opportunities to share information with all sorts of people many of us would never have access to without this platform.  As a writer, I am fascinated by the way that people choose to present themselves here.  Since I, myself, am not done I am constantly finding different ways to put forth my own information therefore I doubt that I will ever consider my profile done.


I do this in order to connect, have a forum to share information and to help me to move forward in my professional life.  I want to get a good sense of the people that I encounter in this ether.  Who are you A LinkedIn Member?  Did you find what you sought when you stopped by?  My curiosity is piqued.


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