Snuggled in Our Comfort Zones

comfort zoneA big part of progress can be attributed to our human search for comfort – we’ve come a long way from living in cold, damp hovels and putting tremendous effort into survival on a daily basis.  I am particularly thankful to the inventor of central heating and subsequently to the inventor of the programmable thermostat.  I like to save money and let the house cool down during the night, but I don’t have enough pioneer spirit to get out of bed before the furnace warms the house back up from frosty levels.


But we can get too comfortable and complacent which can keep us from moving away from so-so situations to more risky but potentially highly rewarding ones.  ‘I might have missed my dreams by a wide margin, but I make decent money and I know what’s expected of me at work’, we can say to ourselves.  ‘There’s no room for me to grow, but maybe that’s not so bad since I have benefits and I did just get to the point of a couple of weeks for vacation.’


Some trade-offs are necessary, after all only a small percentage of any generation is going to make it to the NFL, be a bankable movie star, write a best-selling series, or numerous other pinnacle positions.  But we shouldn’t convince ourselves not to reach just that little bit further just because we know it will bring difficulties and shift us away from our comfort zones.  We should sometimes ask ourselves if we’ve gotten too comfortable.  Plus we could keep in mind that we can achieve new, and better comfort, after that period of difficulties.


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3 responses to “Snuggled in Our Comfort Zones

  1. I like this viewpoint. It’s an optimistic but realistic ideal of “No matter where you are you can expand your comfort zone and grow” rather than the often too extreme optimism of “you can be everything and do everything (god knows how you have the time, energy)”

    Good stuff

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