Relevance, Your Way

There are so very many of us milling about in the mid to lower stratospheres of all the work disciplines, (not to mention our personal lives) all calling out into the general din.  ‘Me, I have a contribution to make, see me’.  How can we each possibly have our relevance validated?


Acknowledgement of work anniversaries as proof of relevance in one form.

Acknowledgement of work anniversaries as proof of relevance in one form.

In my eagerness to gain traction for an idea, I reached out to a new contact for advice.  He is someone who I view as a subject matter expert in an area where I have abilities, but I am a neophyte.  I knew I was taking a chance by committing the networking sin of asking for something before providing a service, but didn’t consider fully other ways to perceive the request.  My thought process was on the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  (This is turning out to be a companion piece to an upcoming post titled What Do You See When You See It?, please watch for it – interesting that I actually wrote this post first and still didn’t heed my own advice, but I digress from the topic at hand.)


Therefore this post is both a public apology for my lack of grace (I am often too straightforward for my own good) and to get us all thinking about ideas to ponder so as to be seen as relevant in a crowded, noisy space.  If you are looking for an authority on business writing and LinkedIn profile writing, JD Gershbein is your man.


I’ve already written about relevance, without naming it in The Right Ingredients and an even earlier post called Providing Value.  The point is worth covering again, naming the issue of relevance more specifically.  How can we each lay our own claim to relevance?  The short answer, which many won’t like, is to keep at it.  Another old adage that continues to be true is if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


Your point might be valid, but your timing might be off, you might have picked the wrong audience, or any number of other variables.  Review the logic of your point and if it is sound (perhaps find a worthy sounding board to test the validity of your thought) then review the circumstances.  If you approached your boss while their own boss was standing there or when he/she was going to a meeting then there is your mistake.  Put in a meeting request, once you have repackaged your idea, this will clear a specific time dedicated to your presentation.


We are each quite relevant, but it is up to us to tailor our message to cut through the confusion of our modern world and to find a place to flourish.


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