Practicing Prudence

Prudence is a good old fashioned word that we need to dust off and bring back into prominence.  (It was also a name, but like Ethel, is probably best left in the past.  Ethel was my grandma’s name and she would completely agree with this statement.)  Anyway, prudence is a companion word to reasonable which is clearly a word that I appreciate since it is part of my tagline.


The antonym of prudence is rashness.  (How many of you are thinking to yourself that it has been ages since you heard or thought of the word antonym?)  Rashness isn’t a word that we use, but the behavior is quite widespread.  If you were to decide to look for prudent and rash behavior for the rest of today, you would encounter rash behavior within an hour or two.  Less if you are going to be in the car soon.  Prudent behavior on the other hand might be hard to come across, sadly.


Prudence shouldn’t be mixed in with prissy or priggish, or prude, it’s not the same thing at all.  Related words are practical and discretion and I already mentioned reasonable.  Prudence has a solid history of never leading anyone astray, even momentarily.  Prudence might not have cache, hang out with zombies, or be popular in Vegas but you will experience plenty of growth of the right kind if you make friends with it.


Prudence will help you to save for whatever your big ticket goal might be.

Prudence will help you to fit into that dress, or your swimsuit, that you want to wear.

Prudence will help you to look good at work.


The list could go on and on.  And since prudence is so reasonable, you don’t have to stop having fun – it’ll help you enjoy your fun even more because you’ll have that mundane stuff done first.


© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations


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