Do Something Unexpected, But in Character

Complacency is dangerous to each of us, in some part because it is so seductive.  Part of complacency is the see-saw that most of us enact as we try to fit in but be seen as an individual in our own right at the same time.  This brings to mind the Push me-Pull you from the original Dr. Doolittle movie.  It’s quite a challenge to be two disparate things at the same time.

Pushme-Pullyou from the original Dr Doolittle movie.

Pushme-Pullyou from the original Dr Doolittle movie.


There are times when it is a good idea to be part of the crowd and it is always important to keep a strong hold on your sense of self.  Your self-expression feeds off of your perception of position within this balance.


I am known to like Hello Kitty – I was considered too old for her when she first came into popularity years ago and disregarded that stricture on her more recent second turn in the popular eye.  I was given a Hello Kitty lunch box as a gift a few years ago, perhaps a gag gift.  I happened to need a new means to transport my lunch to the office and not being one to waste and also being secure in my own idiosyncrasies I started to carry my Hello Kitty lunch box to work every day and store it in the communal refrigerator.  I received a variety of reactions from my co-workers from outright amusement through to those who tried to shame me for such a ‘childish’ act.  Hello Kitty brought a smile to my face that boosted my mid-day; therefore I made it clear that I was immune to any negativity.  I proved my ability to act professionally in many ways through the way that I completed tasks; Hello Kitty gave me an outlet of a different kind of self-expression.  Eventually she wore out and I started to carry a less noticeable bag that still had personality.


I don’t recommend such an extreme for most, if any of my readers.  I have a background in Theater that peeks out in splashy ways sometimes.  But there are so many ways to create something tangible that represents encouragement to your uniqueness: perhaps some small talisman in your pocket that reinforces your resolve or puts a smile on your face, perhaps a ritual phrase, word or action.  Anything that helps to remind us of our best self.


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