Think, Thunk, Thought

thinkThinking, meditating, planning – whatever we call it, we should each spend some time doing it consciously and regularly.  We don’t have to imitate Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ in pose, just in attitude.  Writers know that the mind needs time and space to quietly roam through new thoughts, culling out and nurturing the most fulsome ones.  Whether you want to write or not, if you make a habit of setting aside time to ponder, you will discover some type of benefit.


Did you ever notice how your mind wanders over, around and through all sorts of thoughts when you are engaged in rote tasks or in a relaxed state?  Taking a shower, driving, slowly waking up without having to run off somewhere – these are times to start to be aware of the things that your mind latches onto.  I’ll bet that you’ve had a eureka moment right after one of these tasks, or one similar, where you suddenly resolved a puzzle, remembered where something was or how to do something – in some way completing something that has been nagging at you.  Of course, you must set aside your smartphone, tablet, computer and stay away from the TV.


Both the word ruminate and the act of ruminating seem to have fallen out of favor, being replaced with constant connectivity through these electronic devices.  Join me in bringing it back and reap the potential for increased creativity, deeper understanding, and if your rote task happens to be walking in a natural space add better health too.


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