Buzzspeak, Hmmm

Show of hands who likes buzz words?  Anybody?  Count me in the group that is willing to make fun of them – it’s in my wheelhouse like a two legged stool that’s in the wrong seat on the bus.  But… (Stick with me, please)


Buzz words do have a place just like trite phrases became trite because they can hold a grain of truth and were subsequently overused.  First a joke that I read in Reader’s Digest:

A group of lions is called a pride, a group of crows is called a murder and we call a group of buzz words a PowerPoint presentation!


Ok, I thought it was hilarious – maybe because it brought to mind a certain person who would have difficulty speaking if not for Buzzspeak.


So for instance, marketing yourself is a hot topic and yadda, yadda personal branding – ears close down and brain starts to think about what to do for lunch.  No, really – in today’s social media saturated world of 15 minutes of fame and 140 characters allowed in the Twitterverse, this one makes some sense.  If I don’t know what I’m about, then how can anyone else?


And if we are rearranging the bus like musical chairs, then I want to have a say in which seat is the right one for me, by making sure my personal brand fits the company’s image like a glove.  Just so we’re crystal on this, a wheelhouse is the pilothouse of a boat or ship where the navigator is located.  (The navigator gets to tell everyone where to go, great gig if you can swing it.)


At the end of the day you want to be the first one to break through the clutter and bring your personal brand to the table to be empowered and get more face time with the powers that be so that you can reach your milestones moving forward.


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