Taking a Sampler Pack Approach

We expect life to have this predicable progression from childhood through adulthood – we will each gain knowledge which will help us to create even and regular improvement for our house, our family, our job.  Some people do realize this smooth path in their lives, but most of us experience a very different start, stop, redirect sort of journey.  And others have difficulty getting started with anything because they fear the weight of choosing something for such a long term commitment.


What if we just viewed our life choices like part of a sampler pack?  I’ll try a little of this and a little of that, and a touch of that one over there – like picking a dozen doughnuts.  I started to think about this on my way home from meeting a friend for coffee (tea in my case).  I’ve done the stay-at-home-mom thing, and the corporate thing – add in a bit of volunteering, a couple of part time jobs in different industries and sundry other things and that’s my life.  A sampler pack.  What will I pick next?  Hmm.


I didn’t always have a choice in some of the samples, but having already been exposed to a variety of things, each new chance to sample something else is less of a surprise and almost welcome.  These headlines that tell us people will most likely change jobs every couple of years could be overstating, but even if they are not it will provide for an interesting variety.


Perhaps this sampler pack approach to work life will make for more focus on continuity within our personal lives and turn us back to creating stronger communities.


© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations


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