Take it for Your Share & Go On

Thank God or the School Board or whoever is responsible for those dynamic teachers that I hope we all have in our past.  If we are lucky, we have a full string of them stretching back to our early days in elementary school and carrying on through college.  Today’s post comes to us via my 7th grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Bruno.


He was just the right height to look most of us in the eye and every bit of the Italian stereo-type when it came to effusive use of his whole body to make a point.  My brother and I still talk about him since we each had the pleasure of being taught by this man in our turn.


The title of today’s post is the summation of Marjorie Kinnan Rawling’s The Yearling that Mr. Bruno offered up to our hormone infested brains, which he turned into his mantra.  I don’t believe that you will actually find this as a quote within the covers of this book, but let me know if I’m wrong on that point.  It is certainly a major theme in this work.  And a great thought to lodge into a pre-teen’s head as the fight for social standing heats up.


photo credit - Wikipedia, original cover art

photo credit – Wikipedia, original cover art

If you take it for your share and go on, there is no need for escalation, recriminations, and the like.  Learn what you can, discard the rest as unnecessary and forge ahead.  This suits particularly well in situations where you have little or no control to alter or improve the outcome.


Mr. Bruno lives large in my memory because he gave us each a ticket to find real meaning in whatever corner we chose.  We analyzed song lyrics, we were required to come up with compelling arguments why authors such as Shirley Jackson made the story choices that they did (The Lottery – I highly recommend reading it if you never have.)


I’m sure that many of the seeds that he planted in decades of teaching didn’t find fertile ground to thrive.  I imagine that he took that for his share and went on – being his own unique version of a junior high teacher.


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