Vacation, Ahhh – Proper Prep Means Better Relaxation

What isn’t to love about some time away, a little relaxation?  Except the knowledge that you have to come back to work – and that means the unknown of what your back up encountered while you were away.


There have been recent studies that show pretty much the best part about vacation is the anticipation, the planning.  Well, a little planning and prep activities the week or so before you turn on the out of office message, will make the return a lot more pleasant.  And reinforce your relationship with your co-workers, not to mention give them something to shoot for when you take your turn to back them up.

vacation ahh

Most workers diligently tick off open tasks in the days leading up to their departure.  The trick is to start a spreadsheet to categorize information; give a bit of background, list recently completed tasks and status of any long term tasks.  Prepare information like an FAQ for the person who will back you up, don’t assume that because the person has a similar job, that he or she will easily know how to address issues that usually come up on your desk.


If you give yourself the whole lead up week, you will be more likely to provide a full picture, waiting until the last afternoon will leave gaps that your co-worker will likely fall unhappily into.  The first time that you take this action will be the most time consuming, subsequent times should just be an update of your original format.


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