Hooray for Attractive Comfort!

You aren’t going to see much about style here – it used to be a running joke that I should be nominated for that What Not to Wear show – but I just couldn’t resist a shout out when I saw this article in my Sunday paper (I’m a little behind in my reading):  Rise of the 2-Inch Heel


'Sensible' shoes can still have some flair

‘Sensible’ shoes can still have some flair

I haven’t been interested in wearing the sky-high heels for a long time (I admit to liking the look, to a point), so I avoid shoe stores and shoe shopping as much as possible.  I don’t want to look dowdy, but I want to be comfortable.


Now, I would never pay the prices that are listed in this article, but I do know that this will trickle down to the level of designers/shoe stores that I can afford.  Especially once they realize this is an untapped market.


Nothing much for the fellas today, I suppose your equivalent would be something about ties.


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