Access to Information

Imagine if we didn’t have ready access to all of the information that we needed to perform our jobs and live our lives fully.  Ok, I’m a day late for the actual 80th anniversary of the Nazi book burning, but it is still an important topic for those of us who get paid based on our ability to process knowledge.  Book Burning in History

info access

We may be slowly switching over to books read on screens of various sorts (not me, no I like holding an actual book), but we do still have to fight those who wish to limit overall access to information.  We think that this will not affect the work aspects of our lives, but is this just because we live in an open society with relatively easy access to so much varied information?


Think about all of the information that you have at your fingertips to do your job every day.  Depending on your job, it took a great deal of time and effort to amass all of this knowledge so that you could perform your daily tasks.  And if you work on a computer, think about all the coding etc. that had to go into creating that modern marvel sitting on your desk.  Where would we all be if someone, somewhere along the line had decided to limit the development of the gadgets that ease our ability to work?


Agree with the words inside the pages of banned books or not – that is your right in a free and open society – but thank those who stood up for the rights of those who wrote the books.  They represent us all in one way or another as we toil away at our jobs.


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