It’s Ok, Just Not the Right Day

Humans come in all sorts of temperaments, which helps us to keep different needs growing and moving forward within groups.  Regardless of your temperament, there are days when you are clicking and things are going well, regular days which are a mixed bag, and then those dreaded days when for whatever reason you are raw and everything is just that little bit off.


“…and for the moment, without ego defenses.”

~Saul Bellow


Most of us, while we would dearly like to do so, do not take to our bed and pull up the covers on days like this, we stick to the original plan for the day and bumble through.  (If we are seasoned enough, we reschedule any big plans to another day knowing that this malady of temperament will pass.)


There is advice given to those who have experienced a great shock or loss, like a death of a spouse or a natural disaster that they should not make any major decisions – because the mind isn’t operating in its normal groove and there is a large possibility for making bad moves at these times.


When we are having a raw temperament day, we should apply somewhat of the same logic – in this case not see this as proof of anything.  This is a time when I agree with the saying, ‘it is what it is’, our minds have just cycled to a difficult place.


Get the basics done, you’ll feel fulfilled that you didn’t shirk your obligations and let the rest realign to another day.  This too shall pass.


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