Timid Courage

Have you ever surprised yourself by doing something you thought was completely out of character, especially something public, especially something brave?  I hope that your experience turned out positively.  So you were willing to try it again.

timid courage

I grew up waiting for the yearly showing of The Wizard of Oz on TV, and the Cowardly Lion was one of my favorite characters because, despite his fears, he goes out of his way to help and protect his friends.  He gave up dignity to help each of us understand real courage.  He was afraid of his own tail for crying out loud.  But he entered the Witch’s castle to save Dorothy.


Rosa Parks wasn’t trying to be courageous or be an icon for a movement when she kept her seat on the bus that day, she was just tired.  More recently Malala Yousafzai probably wasn’t trying to be an international sensation when she decided that she deserved an education.  These women have become well known for showing courage, but we each know plenty of people who have exhibited courage in the face of something fearful.


Courage is something that just shows up inside of us when we stick to a principle.  It isn’t loud or obnoxious.  Courage doesn’t need to be broadcast, or even want to be.  It isn’t something to aspire to because it just doesn’t work that way.  It can be quiet, it can be fierce, it gets us through a bad moment and out the other side.


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