Bloom Where You Are Planted

How many times has someone told you that things just haven’t quite worked out for them?  Or maybe the thought has gone through your own head that if only xyz had lined up, well you’d be sitting pretty.  It is called being human, but isn’t really very productive particularly because this attitude cedes control for your life to unknown forces.


There is plenty in life – work or personal – that is out of our control; largely these things can be lumped into either the system (school, company, other institutions that we interact with…) or people (every one we encounter, whether well-known or once met) that we deal with because we don’t live alone in caves.  And these systems and people certainly have an effect on the course of our lives.  But how much control they have over the outcome of situations, events or chapters in our lives depends on the control that we allow them.


I moved around every couple of years as a child so I became acclimated to change, the things which are relatively constant, and the things that while different are still familiar.  So bloom where you are planted was rather a family philosophy.  Our immediate family remained the same, our furniture; the houses and neighborhoods and schools were all different and yet had familiar qualities.  Sometimes I was more advanced in my school studies and sometimes I was behind and had to catch up.


Roll with the punches, make lemonade from lemons, just do it; I’m sure I could come up with more sayings that we tell ourselves.  I like bloom where you are planted because it has positive connotations.  Plants cannot move themselves if they find that they have too little shade or too much; too little water or too much.  But they have their own will to live and thrive so they find a way – the tree that stretches farther to the side to get more sun, the vine that sneaks under other plants to get away from the sun.


Did that somebody know that you wanted the promotion or to be on that new team?  Or have you been lurking in the shade, just making time at your current job?  Have you researched the benchmarks in your industry to plan how to meet them?


Plants do send us signals when they could use human assistance to get a better situation.  My leaves are burning and I am leaning as far as I can into the nearest shade, my dappled willow was saying a couple of years ago.  When I moved it to a shadier spot, it responded well and its will to live strengthened.  How can you bloom where you are planted?


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