I’ve Got Nothing, Or Maybe Too Much

How often would you readers let me post and repost this before leaving in droves?  This blog has been very helpful to me in many ways because it has required dedication on my part to not only learn new things (something I enjoy) but to then sift through the thing to figure out what I want to say and share.


DSC03383But some days I sift through and I just get a pile of mental flour.  Flour is a basic ingredient in many prepared foods, but it’s kind of icky on its own (don’t taste it, just trust me), and messy especially on a windy day with the window open.  Today I just have a pile of flour and a couple of other piles of complimentary basics, but I’m just not sure how to combine them all to make something useful to share.


So I will use this dullness on the part of my brain to create a post.  (Because anything can be made into a story.)  We all have our dull moments when the ingredients don’t speak to us and tell us what they want to be made into.  Or there are so many ingredients and we are just a bit off and so cannot self-moderate enough to pick out the best ingredients for that day, for that moment.  Back in the day when my family relied upon me to make a real dinner from scratch every day, I mustered something up regardless of how dull I might be that day.  Now, I can bake a sweet potato and call it dinner.  (Yum.)


And we can all manage to muster up just enough on these days to get the basics done in the office – substitute these food references with the meetings, emails, phone calls that make up your day.  Sit in the back of the meeting and take really good notes so that you can latch onto the good stuff when your brain returns to sharp mode.  Face everything head on, (dullness does not equate shirking) but find a way to deflect all things above the basic level to another day when you are dealing better.


The opposite of nothing is too much and strangely the brain seems to have the same reaction.  When we have lots of very different things going on and the brain is juggling as fast as it can and turns it all into that same pile of mental flour.  Go figure.


Any suggestions for posts?  What topic do you think I should cover?


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