What is Your Favorite Skill?

I would love to conduct an experiment that would provide enough willing volunteers to teach each child in a classroom to read using materials from the child’s favorite topics. If you had learned to read using materials on say sports or horses or whatever interested you at that age, how much deeper would you cherish the opportunity to read itself? How much more likely would you be to read on your own, for pleasure and enlightenment?

Well, you can guess by the above paragraph that reading is my favorite skill. I like to ask this question of the children that I know, but just realized that it would be interesting to ask adults as well. We adults often stop thinking about our skills, except when we have to list them on our resume. But we shouldn’t just dryly list them this way.

Take out your skills and look them over. What have these traits done for you? Quite a lot, even the ones that you just do automatically like walking. Even the ones that you don’t care for, like math. Where would you be if you had not mastered these skills?


What if there were a complimentary skill that you could attempt? What if this new skill might be a key to the next step in your work journey? What if you brushed off an old and rusty skill? What if you found a way to share one of your skills?

What if, indeed.

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