Assiduously Applied

I’ve mentioned before that I love words, and would love to see a broader use of words.  So today I bring up this sinuously sounding offering:




1. constant; unremitting: assiduous reading.

2.constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task;persevering; industrious; attentive:

an assiduous student.


Repetitive tasks become assiduous application of diligence – I bet you never before felt so smart sorting through your emails and answering the same question from different customers!


But seriously, every career could use a little assiduous application of mental elbow grease to keep our value up.  No one wants to get a reputation for being inconstant or lazy, unless you have an endless alternative source of income.


Used in a sentence:

  • Assiduous blogging gains a writer a larger following.
  • Monitoring trade journals assiduously for appropriate articles, and sharing them with the team leader, got the intern a permanent full time position.
  • Jane worked assiduously to upgrade her excel skills, and was able to help her team improve their quarterly reports as a result.


Perhaps you already have a list of tasks where you have persevered, possibly now is the time to bring these to the attention of your supervisor, using this unsung word.  Diligence is a good strong word, but it has had its day and needs a rest to become less trite and stale.


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