Confusing the Search for a Job with a Validation Check

I have gotten good responses when I write about skills and I have been working on a potential post about the difference between job skills and job search skills when I was distracted by a more powerful idea, the implied relationship between validation and a job.  We all encounter, need, fight off a range of internal and external motivators.  Some people are greatly influenced by the external, some greatly by internal and the rest of us fluctuate between moderate areas of these two extremes.


People who regularly read this blog know that the idea of value comes up here quite frequently because fulfillment of value (meaning worth) is right there after fulfillment of our basic needs.  Validation is closely related.



verb (used with object), val·i·dat·ed, val·i·dat·ing.

  1. 1.   to make valid; substantiate; confirm: Time validated our suspicions.

We like to get our parking fees validated, consensus validates our opinions – and so on.


photo credit: Wikipedia

photo credit: Wikipedia

Sometimes we too closely relate our value to the money that we are able to make and therefore our job becomes our greatest validation of worth.  Making job loss equate to lack of validation; which then brings us to run the risk of becoming unsubstantiated in our own minds.


Which couldn’t be further from the truth – circling back to value as an example; each of us is a bundle of unique learning and experience which is valuable in and of itself.  Add this to a life scenario – work, personal – and we can bring value to bear in sharing, building, striving.


A job is a productive use of our time, education and effort for which we are monetarily compensated.  But it is only part of the overall value that we can offer.  Job seeking is an effort to find a new position, which will allow the job seeker to participate in a productive mutual activity.


Validation comes from all of the facets of our lives, in all the many ways that we can provide value – community, family, friends, with work being part and parcel of the whole.


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