Busy, Rushing… Oops

Show of hands – who makes more mistakes when rushing?  (Hmm, are we being honest with ourselves today – I think there should be more hands up.  This is a safe zone, your boss can’t see us.)  It is a conundrum but a fact that we end up wasting a terrible amount of time rushing and then having to redo things.

busy rushing

I came up with this post idea while on my way to an appointment.  I actually allowed plenty of time for traffic delays so that I wouldn’t be rushing; and since the world has a perverse sense of humor, I hit all green lights.  Which gave me time to jot down notes for this post in the parking lot before my appointment.  Writing the notes at that point served two purposes – first I would therefore be respectfully early and not I don’t have a life early, second I wouldn’t forget the idea while at the appointment.


(Blogging tip – always carry a pad and something to write with because inspiration is everywhere, but you won’t remember later.)


So, rushing leading to oopsies – I’d like to be able to say that I learned my lesson a long time ago that it never pays to work in that one more thing because you have a half a second.  But I can’t.  Ask me next year and I hope to be able to say, yes indeed I finally got that lesson down cold.  I do not squeeze in that one more thing, I take a deep breath before shooting off the email in a rush, making the call, fill in that activity.


We should all be so lucky to be able to build in more than adequate travel time, prep time, etc. in front of every effort.  Since we can’t, we can still take that millisecond to review our logic before we act.


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4 responses to “Busy, Rushing… Oops

  1. If only there were waterproof paper for those ideas that come to us in the shower!

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