Like an Idea? Do You Espouse and Engender It?

No, this has nothing to do with gender or marriage.  To espouse is to adopt or embrace.  To engender is to bring into existence.


LikeIt used to be that we had to show that we liked ideas through bumper stickers or t-shirts, through talk and actions with friends and family; but now we can like an idea on social media.  In the click of a button.  And move on.


What if it was a particularly worthy idea that needed to be nurtured to propagate, though?  If clicking ‘like’ just wasn’t enough to feed it and help it to grow into an act, a way of being.  We need to espouse these ideas, take them into our hearts and heads and make them our own.


Imagine if working folks ages ago had just hit ‘like’ about the idea of having weekends, a time with your family to recharge?  Someone engendered the idea and many others espoused it until it became the norm.  Until we have forgotten that the idea of a weekend is quite modern.


We have been taught since we were very small, universally, that our actions speak louder than our words.  Like is a word, and clicking on it can barely be counted as an action.  Do your everyday actions live up to the likes that you have shown on social media?


We are bombarded with information, much of it quite subjective – many bits of it resonate for us based on current or past experience.  Or a wish for our best selves.  Our best selves espouse and engender these affirmative ideas that we click on in our social media sessions.


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4 responses to “Like an Idea? Do You Espouse and Engender It?

  1. Totally agree. Was a good read.

  2. Well observed. And there are so many different social media platforms to “like” on that there is less time to espouse and engender!

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Sometimes it is ok to let all these experiences wash over us, but sometimes we should stop and think just a little bit.

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