Square Your Shoulders to the World

When we cross that bridge into adulthood, we drop the notion that life must be fair into the rushing water below and watch it swirl off in an eddy of bubbles and froth without a backward thought.  Right.  Well, in our most mature moments, we know that this is an ideal but not a reality for our self talk.  (I can do that, I think.)


We work really hard on something and barely get noticed – our effort is expected because we are known as hard workers.  Someone else who has a more itinerate relationship with hard work completes a major effort and gets all sorts of praise.  Huh.  Hmmm.


“Square your shoulders to the world, be not the kind to quit; it’s not the load that weighs your down but the way you carry it.”

~ Author Unknown


shoulder-slumpStrictly from a physiological standpoint, this is great advice to take literally.  When we lack confidence, we sink into ourselves which makes it harder to bring oxygen in and expel the carbon dioxide.  Sitting up straight and holding our heads up helps to give us oxygen, waking up our brains.  Further, this physical act of confidence can recharge our resilience and bring up true confidence.


I recently told someone that he internalizes lessons, which makes his story more powerful.  When we internalize, make something our own, then the external forces of fair or not fair don’t have as much sway over us.  Internalization of experiences allow for connections between seemingly disparate things – intuitive leaps of knowledge.  Which create growth moments.  And give us a tangible boost of confidence which can carry us through the next tirade of our internal 2 year old screeching ‘it’s not fair’.


shoulder-squareSquare your shoulders to the world, and hold dear to the knowledge that you have had better moments, and will have better moments later… Just not this one.





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2 responses to “Square Your Shoulders to the World

  1. “Square your shoulders to the world” – I like that, Beth. In fact I teach it, in my workshops about speaking with confidence. You are so right about sinking into ourselves when we lack confidence. Thanks.

    • I was just at a workshop where the leader said that we should work to control our physical body instead of trying to slow or calm our minds – it makes so much sense. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Catherine!

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