Creative Release of Steam

I used to work with someone who offered a great saying to those in the midst of a frustrated mood, “Use your words”.  Ah, easier said than done when anger builds up steam, though.  Someone cuts us off in traffic, or cuts us off at the knees in a meeting and we are reduced to curse words and the word ‘idiot’.


photo credit: Wikipedia, public domain


Why do we let ourselves become rattlebrains in these moments when in our mind’s eye we increase in wit and use words like rapiers to slash our opposite to bits verbally?  Because we let fall to the wayside all of the arcane creative verbiage that gave nincompoops and rabbitbrains their due. 


Today we have a whole host of words to dust off and drumble (to sound like a drum, to mumble) under our breath when we encounter domnoddies, clodpolls, timbernonces and their ilk.  Our mothers taught us, rightly, that it isn’t polite to call names – but our blood pressure demands some release when we stumble upon a ninnyhammer or a dumbbunny or two.


Our more highly developed selves understand that when we use derogatory words we are comporting ourselves at the same intellectual level as a lackwit, but as we define someone else’s actions as being worthy of the name jobbernowl, we start to see less red.  (Notice here that I’ve called out as the actions of the other person which enflame, and not the person as a whole, reason is kicking back in as the initial steam dissipates.)   Plus these words are fun to say, try it.  They roll off the tongue in a much richer way than the expletives that survived to modern times. 


The next time that you feel the frustration mounting, don’t allow yourself to be reduced to an addlepated lackwit, use your words creatively now that you have upbigged your vocabulary.


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4 responses to “Creative Release of Steam

  1. Thank you for the call to enrich my vocabulary – to improve the way I live.

  2. I love the colorful words! I am making you an Honorary English Major if you are not one already.

    • Thanks! We would share great sounding words at dinner when I was growing up – and yet I still get in word ruts at times, so this was a way for me to shake my own self out of using the same words over and over.

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