Vacating the Office – Physically and Mentally on Holiday

Odd that we forget that vacate and vacation have the same root meaning.  Vacate, or vacant are sparse, harsh while vacation is ease and happiness.  And according to lots of articles and studies, something that few of us can find to do these days.  Either because of finances or because of work load, or various other reasons.


But vacation, or holiday as our European friends say, is so necessary to clear our heads and energize us, plus to refresh our view of the common articles of our everyday lives – the house, job and people that we have chosen to populate our lives.  A little time away seeing other sights, doing uncommon activities, smelling, tasting and experiencing new things makes our mundane feel comfortable and right again instead of restrictive and frustrating.


Summer is the traditional time for vacation – the weather is sunny and warm (a little too warm in some areas this year, ouch), the kids have time off from school – all of which leads to an antsy need to get away.  But if events are conspiring to disallow this need, then what?  The word staycation was coined in the last couple of years to express the opportunity to explore your own cityscape as a tourist in short bursts that might only require a day or two away from the office.  Or only the weekend.

vacation ahh

If we can afford a getaway, make sure that the mind comes along.  Physically going to a new place, but mentally staying in the groove of office needs is a hazard in this day of smartphones and WiFi.  If not, once you return you could find that you are physically in the office, but mentally elsewhere – vacantly staring into space.


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