Absorb, Assess and Analyze

After keeping pace, firing on all cylinders, digesting information and bringing forth coherent responses my brain has been stuttering along at ‘duh’ the past couple of days.  I’m going to blame the cumulative effect of the heat and humidity.  Or perhaps just a bit of what Herman Melville termed a ‘silent grass growing mood’ necessary to internalize information, which is oh, so necessary for writing.


We are told that the earth is bombarded without let up by all sorts of space debris, which mostly burns up or what have you.  Modern life does the same to our thought capacity, but perhaps not so modern.  I found out over the weekend that Sir Francis Bacon gave us the phrase that knowledge is power back in 1605.  Interesting that this concept goes back so far into history, and yet not really.


But knowledge is much more than exposure to information, we must internalize that information; absorb it and then start to figure out where it fits in with the knowledge that we already hold through assessment and analysis.  Sometimes absorption is quick, sometimes laborious and at others – like for me at this moment, it gets backed up because we expect too much.  Like when you overtax a sponge in the attempt from keeping a spill from expanding past the kitchen counter to the floor.


It starts with knowing what you are trying to learn and why.  If it is for someone else, that hampers absorption right off unless you can figure out an angle that makes learning meaningful for you.  And you are not going to be interested in pursuing the rest – assess and analyze – to make it your own, admit it.


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2 responses to “Absorb, Assess and Analyze

  1. Love this.

    My husband and I were both discussing this recently — limited attention span! I think it may well be info overload.

    I just finished writing a 10,000 word book proposal that took many months of noodling and re-assessing. I think the culture pushes us to react prematurely in many instances when we really need time to THINK. Deep thought and interesting connections between ideas are not apparently obvious to us all.

    • Thanks. We rush from one sound byte to the next and don’t seem to allow ourselves to internalize things so that we make the thing our own. But when we do, fear becomes less of a response and real solutions create such possibility.

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