Fugacious Moments, Opportunities for Enlightenment

I enjoy history and gardening so I have been reading Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf happily for the last few days.  She is reintroducing me to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison and making them more fully fleshed out people through a common interest in plants and gardening.


The Founding Fathers, public domain

The Founding Fathers, public domain

Anyway, she uses the word fugacious and as you know I love adding a new word to my vocabulary and then using it here.  In botany fugacious means falling or fading early, and in general use it means fleeting or transitory.  Hmmm, I’m impressed in her use of language already and then she finds a means to use this word that doubly helps to tie her passion (botany and gardening) to her theme.


My mind is turning to those chance moments that can open up whole new vistas in our lives.  The stuff that makes for great book and movie plots, but more importantly quietly improves the lives of many.  Beyond serendipity which is the chance encounter that can bring on a better mood or a bit of much needed confidence boost.  More that instant when you stumble into something that profoundly affects you, speaks to something elemental deep in you.


People who create foundations after an emotionally disabling experience come to mind, but also the person who assigns themselves as the welcoming face for new employees or students because they well remember the disorientation that newness brings up.   Sharing a little trick that you’ve learned which makes an odious task more bearable.  Offering a kind word to a stranger who is clearly in the midst of a bad moment.


Fleeting means there and then gone, but if you capture it in that moment and disperse it somehow, imagine what it might become.


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