Tick, Tock – Watching the Clock and Marking Time

There is nothing worse than a slow day at work and even in these days of fewer coworkers and greater pressure the slow days do appear.  Agonizingly dull while your mind whirls through all of the things that you could be doing at home if only you could be released from the necessity of an eight hour stretch in the office.


Of course, there are probably things that you can do here and there to occupy a few moments, maybe even an hour.  By helping someone else, clearing up a few outstanding tasks, sorting through information that was left for later – a later that many days seems to be terribly far out of reach.  The funny thing about this current boredom is that you have joked about it with your cohorts and longed for it when you have felt buried under a to-do pile that quite possibly is heavy enough to set off one of these sink holes that are opening up all over these days.


But for whatever reason you sit here today, must look gainfully occupied, but idled and making up games in your head to keep from staring at the clock.  Because that darn clock doesn’t move fast enough on this day when on others it laughingly flashes through the minutes while you frantically work through all the urgent steps for over-due projects.


Finally, lunch and a taste of freedom.  But of course, this time is over way too soon and you are back at your desk.  At least a few more methods of looking busy popped into your head while you ate.  And a few emails that could use attention came into your inbox.  Oh and this is a perfect time to do some research on upcoming projects, and that seminar you want to ask about.


You think to yourself that perhaps you should have more sympathy with your children the next time that they say they are bored, instead of looking daggers at them while you are swamped with chores around the house.  No, probably not.  Just as right now you are sorry that you ever joked that you’d like to be a person of leisure when crazy busy, you are certain that the memory of this day will fade quickly, aided in disappearing by a new avalanche of to-dos.


(This post was written in response to Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )


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