Words & phrases to describe me:

Curious, Authentic, Do-it-right, Practice prudence

Flexible, Resilient, Determine the intent, Act with purpose

Almost 14 years ago I found myself a shell shocked recently divorced person launching a job search for a career with a future so I could support my newly reconfigured family.

My thoughts ran on a short conversation from years before when my aunt, who had spent some time as a single mother herself, had stated her opinion that all women needed to cultivate a skill.  I wasn’t sure that I had cultivated any skills that someone would be willing to pay me to utilize despite being very active with volunteering related to many child centric organizations.

I landed as a low level office worker in a privately held distribution company just as they were awakening to how technology could be beneficial to their business model.  Within months of starting, I was one of the first to swap out my dummy terminal with a real computer.  This was based mostly on my prior personal experience with Microsoft products.  Shortly after this, I got my first of what would turn out to be a series of promotions over the years.

I often equated my early years to the story The Little Red Hen (who will help me plant the wheat).  I asked many questions in my quest to resolve the customer service issues that came my way.

As the company became more complex, my thirst for understanding and innate interest in connecting the dots became a dynamic which was mutually beneficial.  The pinnacle of this dynamic was the year and a half spent on an SAP ERP implementation.  I was always firmly on the business side of the business to IT divide, but the logic which is the root to IT efforts made at least rudimentary sense to me.   I did have many willing tutors along the way, people who defy the IT myth of introverts who avoid interaction but instead understood the importance of collaboration with business personnel.  The business folks are responsible for the content, the IT folks are responsible for building the system that will accomplish the business goal of what should be done with the data.

My logical and analytical facets were in heaven during this project, but I also tried very hard to keep in mind a promise that I had made to myself with my last promotion which had brought me to a midlevel manager position.  That promise had been based on experiences with a previous manager who had lost herself in the technical side and was not then available for her employees as much as we needed.  I had promised not to forget that I wanted to be available to my staff.  I did my best, but I know that there were too many times during this period that I was unavailable to them due to SAP activities.

I mentioned in my first post that I think about things and as I think, I make connections between sometimes seemingly disparate things.  Once I have these ideas, I like to share them and with this blog, I hope to share things that might be useful to all the office workers out there who want to be valued.

goodI should introduce myself, my name is Beth Anne Reed.  The Anne is silent when spoken, and my mom and dad originally misspelled it.  Its good to meet you, I hope you let me know what you think.

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    • I know that the standard answer is to say no – and I understand why. But, yes, I did like many of SAP’s capabilities while also being able to identify with why people don’t like it. It is a very complex system and there are few simple and straightforward tasks in SAP.

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