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Displaying the Colors

Patriotism waxes and wanes, understandably to a certain degree; after all we only have 24 hours in each day and a terribly large amount of stuff to fit into each of these days.  But it comes top of the mind at least once a year in July.  Does your office do anything to recognize the fourth, to exemplify patriotism?  How do you personally display your colors?

"Betsy Ross" flag, the original official flag

“Betsy Ross” flag, the original official flag


Plenty of us wear the colors – red, white and blue in some combination during this week, perhaps a flag lapel pin in the mix.  Some people wear clothing that shows the flag, even items that turn part of the person into a living representation of the flag.  We have other items that reflect the stars and bars, the colors of the flag.  I have a collection of small flags attached to pencil sized sticks that have been given out in past years and which adorned my pencil cup.


Being the daughter of a lifelong Boy Scout, I learned very early on that there is a respect due to this symbol of our country, first adopted in 1923 during a patriotic patch between the big wars: The Flag Code.  Of course at that point, it wasn’t known that this was just a breather between one world war and the next.  And it was long before anyone would have thought to body paint a flag across their chest or other body part.


Immediately post-9/11 was definitely a time when everyone wanted to show allegiance, reverence and connection to the flag.  My work place installed a flag pole outside the main entrance and decided to hold a flag ceremony.  Flags were still flying at half-mast at this point, but unfortunately the group responsible for the flag ceremony was not aware of proper protocol.  (For your information, a flag which will be flown at half-staff should first be hoisted to the top of the pole and then brought down to the half-staff position.  See point 7.m. in the link.)  Currently we see flags less frequently than in those first months and years after 9/11/2001.


I own one of my dad’s flags (the one in today’s picture) but I don’t fly it.  This particular flag is not only the symbol of the country where I have always lived, it is also the symbol of my country’s history and a connection to my dad and his love of country.  The flag is not something to put on or out just because it is the thing to do.


“Anything printed with the flag should convey a message, even if the message is ironic or negative.”

~ Karen Chen, Chicago Tribune reporter, paraphrasing Hugh Brady (flag expert)


We should be proud of our flag, the people that it represents, and display our colors respectfully.


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Paid Time Off – Holidays – Independence

Good morning on this day before the National 4th of July Holiday in the U.S.

photo credit: Wikipedia

photo credit: Wikipedia


The holiday which celebrates independence as a country – and as I heard said at a meeting yesterday, the best sort of no pressure holiday; all about food, fun, friends and family.  Some of the young fellows in my neighborhood have already been practicing their fireworks lighting skills, just in case they got rusty since last year.


For my U.S. readers, I hope that this day brings you a little paid independence from your work place – maybe some lazy time to fill with outdoor eating, friendly gatherings, parades, fireworks and maybe a bit of beer.  (And since it falls on a Thursday this year, perhaps even a nice long, leisurely weekend.)


For my readers elsewhere in the world, I hope that you too have some point in the year when you can enjoy a day of independence from the work day toil, a day out of the ordinary mundane working tasks to enjoy with those that you choose to pass pleasant time.


The warm weather and sunshine that we Americans expect as a natural part of this holiday increases the ebullience.  We should all be quite pleased that fashions have changed during the history of this country because I don’t imagine that the many layers of jackets, cravats, wigs, hose, etc. were particularly comfortable in steamy weather.


Independence is a wonderful gift – dreamed of fervently by children doing adult bidding everywhere.  In the midst of the revelry, I hope that you each get a moment to smile about this freedom.


I hope that all have a Happy and Safe 4th, I’ll see you here again on Friday the 5th.


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