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Oh, those Desk Toys

What sits on the edge of your desk, past the papers, files and pens involved in your daily tasks?  I hope something that makes you smile, we need a bit of whimsy in our flurry of emails, meetings, tasks and goals.

desk toys

When my boys were small my mom was a director level employee of a large hospital, an important job for sure.  And mom was highly capable of presenting a professional demeanor.  But she was confident enough to be able to show hints of her lighter side too.  While on a visit to our house she was introduced to the cartoon of The Tick (not the live action movie which came later) and was charmed by his chin which was as large as both his ego and his bumbling wrongheadedness.  I can still hear her hoots of laughter at his antics and oblivion as Arthur, his sidekick, unravels the messes The Tick makes.


Shortly after her visit where the boys were pleased to share their cartoon with grandma, one or another fast food restaurant came out with Tick toys in their kids’ meals.  The boys were on a mission to collect each one, for grandma.  These toys were presented to grandma on our next visit to her house and sat proudly at the front of her desk for years, until her retirement when they moved to her desk at home.


Of course, living in another state at the time, I never saw her have clients in her office but I know that she certainly did.  Some, those with shaky confidence no doubt, may have poked a little fun at the purportedly childish display which I have no doubt that mom swept aside in her graceful way and replaced with an understanding of the place which whimsy should hold for all of us, despite age or position.


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