Answers to Interview Questions, Part II

Interviews are not something that many people look forward to, interviewer or interviewee – but we like the successful end result of having a new employee/having a new job.  Behavioral interview questions are becoming the norm, as mentioned in part I of this post.

The great thing about behavioral questions is that they are subjective and therefore short of saying something illegal or terribly offensive, there are no right or wrong answers.  You want to be true to yourself because the objective is to find a person who will be a good fit in the department/organization.  As the interviewee, that should be your goal as well.  So in this, you are on the same page with the interviewer.

In several instances, I asked small groups to answer the questions as we were sitting around.  We discussed the merit of using one word over another when synonymous – which word would put a more positive spin on your answer.  This was one of the advantages that my brave answerers had over the regular interviewee, because the pressure was off and they had plenty of time to formulate their answers.


Q:  What are 5 words that best describe you?

A:  Dependable, honest, faithful, funny and smart

A:  Busy, positive, giving, sensitive, strong

A:  Curious, loyal, passionate, friendly, intelligent

A:  Determined, intelligent, logical, creative, open

A:  Diligent, methodical, organized, flexible

A:  Responsible, practical, problem solver, funny, determined

A:  Efficient, humorous, steady, logical, adaptable

A:  Reliable, analytical, consistent, diligent, thoughtful

Q:  Describe tasks that you have had to perform that didn’t spark your interest.

A:  Filing

A:  Cleaning, organizing a database, elder care of my parent

A:  Stocking shelves, cleaning other people’s homes/ personal space

A:  Repetitive tasks

A:  Entering new prescriptions

A:  Running the out-of-stock report

A:  Job search

A:  Conducting reviews

Q:  How would you characterize yourself as a student?

A:  Since I obtained my degree in my thirties I was a much better diligent student. I did not postpone assignments as with a family and a job you never knew what could come up.

A:  Eager, voracious

A:  Eager to learn yet not always motivated

A:  Interested in finding connections, curious

A:  Willing to learn

A:  Enthusiastic & diligent

A:  I’m a great learner, but not a good student.  I do have a high level of curiosity.

A:  Studious, attentive but not always good at retention

I still have 4 more questions, but we will save them for the last part of this little series.  You can see some similarities in the answers represented here, but everyone was authentic.

I do want to thank all of the participants for taking the time to give me thoughtful answers.  Only a few of them are actually job hunting right now.  Several wanted to remain anonymous but I can publically thank Linda Dressler, Sharyon DaSilva, & Debbie Ahern.

© 2013 Practical Business | Reasonable Expectations

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