Throw it Over the Wall

wallJust about the worst habit to get into in the work place is the following phrase, “It’s not my job.”  This is a powerful toxin to your career and should be assiduously avoided.  ‘Not my job’ shuts down the conversation or activity and throws all responsibility over the wall.

You might be thinking what is wrong with it, especially if I’m asked to do something that isn’t part of my job description?  It’s a true statement in that case.  Well, technically it might be true but it is a narrowing thought.  The more that you allow yourself to use it; the more you are putting yourself into a box.

A job description is just a starting point, not a road map.  Train yourself to think expansively about your job requirements and you open up all kinds of possibilities.  Your main job, regardless of industry or job title is to help your organization to succeed at the current strategic objectives.  The way that you accomplish this is streamlined by the department that you are in; you are one part of the whole as defined by the regular activities of your department.

You are also most likely to provide the most quality within your area of expertise, but part of that should be knowledge of the expertise of your co-workers.  Then ‘not my job’ can be a much more productive advisory of ‘let me talk to the expert in this area.  One or both of us will then follow up with the plan to resolve.’

‘Not my job’ might have some similarities to ‘I’m not the best person to resolve this, and get it done right’, but are really worlds apart in mindset.

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